Reiki Care​ Montreal

Channeled by
Elena Oulianova,
Reiki Master /Teacher, affiliate member of International Center for Reiki Training
Massotherapist of RMQ

I am inviting you to take a little time-out from your busy life and take a Reiki session of your choice to release your stress, restore your inner peace, rejuvenate your body, mind and so much more...     
Discover infinite possibilities of Reiki
for yourself  and benefit from them!  
Reiki works!  

  Holy Fire III  Karuna 
 Reiki ​Master
Holy Fire /Karuna Reiki are the registered service marks
of William Lee Rand

Gift Certificates available
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    Monthly Group Reiki sessions
    These sessions are great to discover Reiki alone or with friends, to maintain your well-being monthly, and to have different Reiki experiences in a group meditation setting. Group sessions are very nice gifts for your loved ones to reduce their stress. These sessions are available monthly in English and in French at studio Equilibre . Mats are kindly provided by the studio. Please go to Upcoming events page.
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    Discover Reiki 45 mins
    This is an introduction to Reiki for somebody who never had Reiki before. You will experience how it feels when Reiki is chanelled into you and have the "taste" of these Cosmic energies. At the beginning of the session I will scan your body for potential energy blockages and share my insights with you at the end of this session with recommendations.
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    Reiki Without Borders 45 mins
    Distant Reiki is a way to receive Reiki by being at your chosen location. We' ll discuss your goals and details for this session over the phone before the session. Then you can get in a comfortable position at the agreed time and I will start sending Reiki at my specially prepared for this session place. Later, I will share my insights and recommendations via email. Your feedback is helpful for the follow up.
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    Reiki the Day Before 60 mins
    Receive Supportive Reiki Energies just the day before your important event. -job interview -medical procedure -financial appointment -business meeting -presentation -marriage or other proposals -saying good bye to loved ones -travelling -making important decision -exam etc -
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    Balance My Chakras 75 mins
    During this session I will scan your chakras and explain their activities to you before and after receiving Reiki. You will know which ones need more attention and receive my insights about founded blockages with recommendations. Well-balanced chakras help to maintain your well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will feel re-energized and rested.
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    Release My Blockages 120 mins
    Are you ready to shed old stagnated energies and fears that are blocking you from going forward and reaching your desires? Are you willing to do some self-work to live and be Authentic ? If yes, then this session is for you ! Reiki will help you to release your blockages and empower you with the confidence you never thought you had!
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    Spirit Attachment Release 70 mins
    This session can be done in- person or by distant Reiki. You will receive instructions in advance . This session is effective and very peaceful in the way it is done. It helps to remove unwanted energies/presence/spirits from you or around you affecting your well-being. Peace and safety will be restored with powerful protective Reiki energies. *4hands session available.
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    Purify My Space 70 mins
    This session offers removing unwanted energies/presence/spirits from places, homes, offices etc. It is done by distant Reiki. You will receive instructions in advance. It can also be done in the place that needs cleaning (with additional cost for the time of travelling ) *This session can be done as a 4-hands Reiki session with my Reiki partner Pierre Lafleur.

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    Massage &Reiki for a Busy Bee 75 mins
    This is a combination of a back /neck massage with a 30 mins Reiki session for a deep relaxation for your busy schedule. Painful knots will be released in your body and peace will be restored in your mind. Massage receipts from RMQ provided for your insurance.
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    Total Relaxation 90 mins
    60 mins Swedish Massage & 30 mins Reiki session This is a full body Swedish massage session to release pain and discomfort by using deep tissue method on your knots and relaxing your tight muscles so you can soak in Reiki energies right after.Total relaxation ! Massage receipts from RMQ provided for your insurance.
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    Reiki Buddies 60 mins
    Come and receive Reiki with your beau, your best friend, your kids , your loved ones. You can lay down next to each other on yoga mats and receive Reiki through a special meditation experience. First, we will chat a bit about Reiki for you to discover these Cosmic energies and then I will guide you through a Reiki meditation where you will receive these energies. This is a unique experience, only possible with the Holy Fire Reiki system. It is so special to share with your loved one. ($50 for 2 people)
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    Turbo Reiki 4 hands session 75 mins
    This session is done with my Reiki partner , Master of Holy Fire III Reiki system Pierre Lafleur. After hearing your concerns and expectations for the session, we will work through all your chakras, scanning your body, finding energy blockages and using Reiki to release them. It is a powerful experience to receive Reiki from two practitioners bringing in different energies. We will share our insights with recommendations. -
For details on  Reiki Training 
and its price  including Reiki for Couples  and
Reiki for Parents with Kids, please click here: Classes

       Reiki and Tarot combo session with Reiki Master Pierre Lafleur
100 mins $100 

For Reiki sessions for animals, please contact me and
we will discuss  all the details.

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