Reiki Care​ Montreal

Channeled by
Elena Oulianova,
Reiki Master /Teacher, affiliate member of International Center for Reiki Training
Massotherapist of RMQ

I am inviting you to take a little time-out from your busy life and take a Reiki session of your choice to release your stress, restore your inner peace, rejuvenate your body, mind and so much more...     
Discover infinite possibilities of Reiki
for yourself  and benefit from them!  
Reiki works!  

  Holy Fire III  Karuna 
 Reiki ​Master
Holy Fire /Karuna Reiki are the registered service marks
of William Lee Rand

About Our Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a way to maintain healthy body and mind.
You do not need to wait for a crisis to receive Reiki.
Take a little time-out from the outside world and
give loving care to your inner one.
- We start  with a small discussion of client's goals for the session
(it is optional, ONLY if the client wants to share it).
It is very powerful and effective for the best results to set up the intention /positive affirmation for the session.

- The receiver lies down on a Reiki table, fully-clothed, in a relaxing atmosphere.

-The practitioner by laying on hands goes through Reiki movement sequence working on the physical body and the whole aura of the receiver.
Sessions can be done by keeping practitioner's hands above receiver's body.

-If needed, there will be work on specific areas and organs.

-Reiki will work on cleansing, rejuvenating and balancing receiver's energy field, which allows the energy to flow fluently and nourish the receiver on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

- We will share our sensations at the end of our session. It is always a unique experience!

Depends on the goals,sometimes a special meditation will start our session.

For further information,
please contact me and I will talk to you gladly.
Distant Reiki sessions  -channeling energy when
you  are anywhere but not in the same room with me 

It is as effective as a session in person.
Reiki energy has no limits, all you have to do is to

We agree on a time,we will speak before the session and
then you just have to relax and enjoy healing energies
flowing through you.
We will share our experiences after the session.

4 hands Reiki sessions - a powerful experience! 

 I work with my Reiki and life partner,
Reiki Master Pierre Lafleur.
Reiki will flow to you from us, two independent channels,
working in tune with each other,our intuition and your
Pierre is a very intuitive Reiki Master who will feel your
pains,see energy blockages and channel a powerful flow
of Reiki. I am blessed to work with him and I strongly
recommend to experience Reiki from him.
He also offers Reiki and Tarot sessions
where you can find answers to any of your life questions.

4-hands sessions work like a turbo energy boost for
the ones who are ill, going through invasive procedures
(cancer treatments, pre- and post- surgery times,
taking strong medications to recover, having addiction
issues, depression, high anxiety, feeling blocked from going
forward and feeling off -balance )

Sometimes, we start our session with a specific
cleansing meditation for your best benefits from this
We always feel blessed and grateful to offer our services
to the ones who are searching.

Reiki for Couples:
to learn about it please go to :   Specific Reiki Sessions

  1. Managing Director
    THE ORIGINAL REIKI IDEALS. The secret art of inviting happiness The miraculous medicine of all diseases: -Just for today do not be angry -Do not worry and be filled with gratitude -Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people. Every morning pray these words with your heart. Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind. The founder.... Usui Mikao
  2. Managing Director
    Here is my Reiki and life partner Pierre Lafleur. Pierre is a gifted Holy Fire Reiki Master. We studied Reiki in Montreal together with Reiki Master Karen Mosuk and then we received Master level Holy Fire Reiki from William Lee Rand in US. Pierre is a skillful and sensitive practitioner who channels a very powerful flow of Reiki energy . He has his own Reiki and Tarot practice. Together we offer 4 hands Reiki sessions , a powerful boost of pure high vibration of Holy Fire Reiki energy to the ones who are ill, going through invasive procedures (surgeries and their recoveries , cancer treatments etc) having anxieties, being under a lot of stress, feeling stuck/lost in life, having addiction issues and more. Distant Reiki is also available and it is as effective as in person. Please see Testimonials page.
  3. Managing Director
    REIKI for animals ! Animals are very receptive to Reiki energies. They accept it when they need it and when they receive enough they leave. This is one of our street kitties ( we feed them and have some shelters for them) receiving Reiki. It s a first time I was able to touch him and it s because of Reiki flowing to him. He accepted it and was enjoying it for about 20 min! Since that day , this cat was coming to me without any fear and let me pet him. He passed away couple of years later but we had him in our arms with Reiki till his last breath. If the animal is not well , Reiki helps to reduce their pain, their anxiety , helps their medications to work better and it gives a boost of energy for the animal to recover and sometimes ,sadly, to pass away in a more peaceful atmosphere.
  4. Managing Director
    Every Reiki practitioner must have a lineage that shows who their teachers learned from and so on all the way back to the founder of Reiki Usui Sensei. The lineage shows that practitioners learned true Reiki method.