Reiki Care​ Montreal

Channeled by
Elena Oulianova,
Reiki Master /Teacher, affiliate member of International Center for Reiki Training
Massotherapist of RMQ

I am inviting you to take a little time-out from your busy life and take a Reiki session of your choice to release your stress, restore your inner peace, rejuvenate your body, mind and so much more...     
Discover infinite possibilities of Reiki
for yourself  and benefit from them!  
Reiki works!  

  Holy Fire III  Karuna 
 Reiki ​Master
Holy Fire /Karuna Reiki are the registered service marks
of William Lee Rand


                                   Reiki  Classes

                                      Training for Reiki:

                                        Usui/Holy Fire III
                                          Holy Fire III Karuna   
                                                Upgrades to
                                       Holy Fire III Reiki system
                                        from other Reiki systems 

                               Reiki I  Training 
 You will learn :

-What is Reiki,  how Reiki works , its different levels and how you get a Placement of Reiki
- History and use of Reiki
- Japanese Reiki techniques and a history of Holy Fire
-Reiki Ideals and three pillars of Reiki
-Gassho Meditation
- Receive Reiki I Placement 
-Practice Reiki with others in the class 
-Byosen Scanning 
-Reiji-ho technique
-Hands position for standart practice
-Receive and give full Reiki treatment
-Kenyoku technique
-Hayashi Healing guide 
-Code of Ethics and Standart of Practice
-Self scan and self-treatment 
-Use of pendulum for Reiki sessions

duration : 8hours (it can be done in two half-days)
A follow-up continues till the student is confident at practicing this level of Reiki.
cost: $270, manuals, Reiki Lineage and Certification included 
($70 non-refund  advanced deposite to reserve place)

Special offers for Reiki I training:

Reiki for Couples:

- learn to take care of each other's well-being by giving Reiki to each other
- communicate clearly and freely
- grow spiritualy together
- bond on all levels: physical,mental and emotional
- have Reiki buddy anytime you need Reiki 
- discover benefits of Life Energies together

$400 for a couple (reg.$540)
 7 hours training,manual, Reiki Lineage and Certification included.
 It can be done privately any day or with other couples on weekends.
 A follow-up continues till students are confident at their practice.

Reiki I level for a parent with a child :$250 (incl. materials, Reiki Lineage and Certification),
                                                               $290 for a parent with two kids. ( 5hours training)   
You ll be able to share and use Reiki in any situation in life .
The gift of Reiki never wears off!
Kids growing up with Reiki are more grounded. protected and empowered in life.
Self-confident, they are encouraged to explore the world fear-free with an open mind. Love and kindness from Reiki supports them to be authentic and happy . 
                               Reiki II Training
You will learn:

-Second Degree Reiki symbols and their roles
-Receive Reiki Level II Placement
-Use Reiki symbols and practice in class full treaments with symbols
-Gyoshi-ho method
-Enkaku chiryo method and its use
-Sending and receiving Distant Reiki in class
- Use of pendulum
​-Byosen scanning practice
-History of Holy Fire energy

duration: 8hours (it can be done in two half-days)
A follow-up continues till the student is confident at practicing this level of Reiki.
cost: $300 including a manual, Reiki Lineage and Reiki Certification
($70 non-refund advanced deposit to reserve place )

                           Usui /Holy Fire III Reiki
                                Master/Teacher Training

                                         the ART,Advanced Reiki level, 
                                             is integrated into this Master class

                                               3 consecutive days training

                                 Day 1 ( 8hours )
 You will learn:

-How Holy Fire III Experiences, Ignitions and Placements are done
-Definitions of Soul, Spirit, the Heavens , and letting go of Guides 
-How HF III works and the concepts of the Authentic Self, the Culturally-created Self and the Dormant Self
-Healing in the River of Life Experience 
- Using crystals and stones with Reiki
- Usui Master Reiki symbol and its Placement
- First Ignition to the energies of Holy Fire III Reiki system
- Practice Reiki with the Usui Master symbol energy
- Reiki Moving Meditation 
-Distant session with the use of Master symbol

​                                            Day 2 ( 8 hours )
You will learn:

- Second Ignition of the HF III energy
- The evolution of Reiki and how it developed from Usui Reiki into HF Reiki
- The Essence of Reiki
- Holy Fire Symbol and its usage and benefits
- Holy Fire III Reiki and spiritual guidance
- Third Ignition of the HF III energy
-Give and receive full Reiki treatments using Holy Fire 
- Holy Fire Healing Experience
-Practice Distant Reiki 
-Emotional and mental blockages stored in our body parts,chakras and organs

                                   Day 3 (8hours )

You will learn:

- Fourth Ignition of the HF III energy
- The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master
-Give and receive Reiki treatments
- Holy Fire Meditation
- Religious traumas and how HF Reiki helps to heal them
- Healing Spirit Attachments
- Outlines to teach Reiki courses
- Self-Ignitions
- Code of Ethics and Standarts of Practice
-How to develop Reiki practice, memberships at ICRT and CRA
-Teaching and Practicing Reiki discussion 
- Holy Love Experience

duration: 3 consecutive days plus 3 additional hours within first month after the training
for the Re-Ignition of Reiki energy and questions/practice time.
A follow-up continues till the student is confident at practicing this level of Reiki.

cost: $950,including a manual, Reiki Lineage and Reiki Certification
 ( $100 non-refund advanced deposit to reserve place)

                                         Holy Fire III / Karuna Reiki, 
                            Master/Teacher Training

                                                  3 consecutive days

                                                  you must have a
                                             Reiki Master Certification
                                             for 6 months prior this training

                                  please contact me for details