Reiki Care​ Montreal

Channeled by
Elena Oulianova,
Reiki Master /Teacher, affiliate member of International Center for Reiki Training
Massotherapist of RMQ

I am inviting you to take a little time-out from your busy life and take a Reiki session of your choice to release your stress, restore your inner peace, rejuvenate your body, mind and so much more...     
Discover infinite possibilities of Reiki
for yourself  and benefit from them!  
Reiki works!  

  Holy Fire III  Karuna 
 Reiki ​Master
Holy Fire /Karuna Reiki are the registered service marks
of William Lee Rand

                         Specific Reiki Sessions

  Reiki for Couples

These are 4hands-sessions channeled together with my Reiki partner, Master/Teacher Pierre Lafleur.
We start from a small discussion to determine the intention for the session unless clients do not want to share ( that is Ok and not a problem ). Depends on the intentions,we conduct a specific Reiki experience in a setting of a meditation and both partners receive Reiki energy directly from the Source and after that Pierre and I channel Reiki into our clients, two tables are next to each other. At the end of the session we'll share our feedbacks .
These kind of sessions create a stronger bond and better communication between partners encouraging them to share and express themselves freely. 

duration : 75mins 

    Reiki and Tarot Combo session 
   Unique experience where you find out all your Why's and How's and the lessons behind your life events through a profound Tarot reading with Reiki Master Pierre Lafleur followed by specific Reiki session 
channeled by Pierre or me according to your choice and needs.
The clarity and peace you receive will help you to make the best choices for your life.
 duration : 100mins 

  Release your blockages with a Holy Fire Healing Reiki Experience

(Holy Fire is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand)
   It is a special session that brings in high frequency healing energies that are more powerful and effective than those given during regular Reiki sessions. It is used to release blockages, stored negative emotions and pains , unwanted believes and patterns.

 The receiver calls the blockage to be released ( writes it down on a paper and does not have to share it with a practitioner if does not want to) and receives Holy Fire Energy through a guided meditation . During this meditation Reiki will work on cleansing and removing the blockage and everything that is attached to it. This session will continue with more Reiki given by the practitioner. 
I strongly recommend this experience when the person knows what they want to release.It is very effective and works fast. Life changes for better after these sessions! 

Holy Fire Healing Reiki Experience also can be used to empower goals. Sometimes there are can be mental blockages that make it hard for people to reach their goals. Reiki helps to clean the road to success .

Release Your Blockages session : 120mins

 Here is what my client says about her sessions :

 "The blockage release sessions helped me to let go of some old anger I was storing inside.It is amazing how the    energy worked and cleaned me !!!
 The relief and that liberating feeling I felt afterwards were a blessing"  Irina P.

  Healing Spirit Attachments sessions

Healing Spirit Attachments session is a powerful tool to release unwanted spirits from a place or a person.

  Some people do not believe that spirits exist. Guess what? They do ! Some of those spirits invade people's homes, their houses or bodies or both.
I hope that you will never experience that but it is soothing to know that Holy Fire Reiki can release spirit attachments and send them away for good.

These sessions can be done in person or by sending Distance Reiki . Spirits are sent to the Higher Source without any harm to any parties involved for the highest healing of everyone. 
If it comes to this experience and I am asked to help, I strongly recommend to take a 4 hands Reiki session where my Reiki partner, Pierre Lafleur   and I will be working together simultaneously on releasing unwanted spirit by sending Holy Fire Reiki to the receiver and the spirit.

Healing Spirit Attachment  session : 70mins,  $95 
4 hands session : $125